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The Grand Canyon State is full of natural wonder, vibrant culture and communities, and an emergent urban core in Downtown Phoenix.  People are drawn to Arizona for its sense of opportunity and its beautiful weather. As the youngest state in the contiguous United States, Arizona operates with a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, and embraces leaders ready to play an active role in their community.

Arizona needs these strong leaders - willing to roll up their sleeves, and work hand-in-hand with students, families and their communities, to help raise the bar for education achievement across the state. Arizonans deeply value and prioritize education, yet education is in the midst of teacher shortage crises, with close to 75 percent of schools reporting teacher vacancies at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year.

Arizona’s future success and economic vitality is also dependent on the rate of Latino educational attainment.  Arizona is on track to be one of the first states to have a “minority” majority population, with Latino’s making up the majority of the population by 2028, yet education results for Latino students remain disproportionately low. Only 69 percent of Arizona Latinos graduated high school on time compared to more than 76 percent of non-Latinos.

Teach For America – Phoenix has a proud twenty year history in Phoenix, which is represented in the strength of our community and school partnerships, and the impact that our over 100 corps members and 875 alumni have had. Teach for America alumni now hold crucial leadership roles across every aspect of the education ecosystem in Arizona, including elected office, social venture entrepreneurs, charter school founders, and school systems leaders. Business and community leaders from across the state look to Teach For America – Phoenix as an integral part of moving Arizona forward. Our corps members and alumni work relentlessly everyday with our communities to ensure the students of our state have the opportunities they deserve.


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